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Available now: a trilogy of books that fit together to form a dub history of late twentieth century pop culture. The titles come as exclusive electronic editions (for all sorts of reasons) with beautiful covers designed by Per-Christian Hille of These books can be read on a Kindle or using the free downloadable Kindle app on a personal computer, tablet, or smart phone. The links below take you to the Amazon page where the books can be bought in the UK. For readers anywhere else in the world please use your local Amazon site. And do please spread the word!

A Cracked Jewel Case

From the opening lines: "This is a book about opening up versus closing down, and how energy gets passed around. It loosely uses 1990s pop and its connectivity to illustrate this. It is not the story of music in the 1990s. This is, instead, an illustration of how things fit together and create patterns."

Take a pile of compact discs. And find out who was taking risks. A dog-eared digipak and a cracked jewel case. Here’s to those who never knew their place. Sometimes distance offers new perspectives. Revealing clues to the pop detectives. 

You Know My Name: The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Bobby Scott

How it begins: “This is a book about Bobby Scott. Or rather it is a book that starts with Bobby Scott and ends with Bobby Scott. It is all to do with discovering his music and what it leads to. It is a meditation on musical contexts and connections. The book uses Bobby as a totem, in terms of wide-ranging interests and varied activities. It is a celebration of a magnificent musical journey and illogical career progression.”

"This is a book to savour, to keep by one’s side, a book to select a chapter and dive into, see where Pearce will take you. You will not be disappointed. Even if the music he celebrates is not to your liking, his writing style, which is so succinct, so neatly crafted, will more than compensate." - Paolo Hewitt, Caught By The River

A Moment Worth Waiting For

Set initially over a two-year period at the start of the 1980s, the book zooms back and forth through time, tracing where clues led and how things fit together, to understand better the urge to hear and learn something new, to look at art in a new way. Part of the focus is on how things were originally presented, how ideas were absorbed, how names recur, and the long-term impact. 

A Moment Worth Waiting For is a quietly extraordinary book, as fond as it is forensic. It’s guided by the spirit of 'discovery… neglected dusty corners … aesthetics and romance, a passion for learning, a fascination with how things fit together'. It explores songs, artists, imaginative ley lines, moments of possibility that are often left out of histories. A Moment Worth Waiting For doesn’t offer big theoretical statements. But every page is studded with insights, connections and subtle realignments of the status quo.” - Sukhdev Sandhu, The Wire

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